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At Train for LIFE we have client focussed methodology of training that considers your needs in every session. Train for LIFE is our guiding principle. It guarantees your needs are the priority in every session and you will walk away from every session having taken another positive step towards achieving your goals.

Training with us is about listening to you and your needs, your goals and your state of readiness on any given day. We will observe your responses to how your body is moved and being challenged, what's working for you and what is working against you. The most effective way to make progress in your fitness is to visualise a better outcome. A different perceived possibility is a new way of solving old problems.


Trained for LIFE. That’s what Simone’s shirt said when I met her. Catchy slogan I thought. After six months training with her I know that’s no slogan it is her core belief and it tells you what you will achieve through her training. Emphasis on LIFE. YOUR life. Whatever your goals, your challenges, your needs, those are her focus.


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Train For Life

8/261 McCormack Street
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